Mobile Automation and Sensing Systems

Augmented Reality for traffic safety

Traffic safety is a critical issue worldwide. With more than 90% of all crashes caused by human error, the objective of this research is to conceive and investigate a new collision monitoring system involving Augmented Reality (AR).

We first investigate a prototype system using Google Glasses connected to Raspberry Pi 3 computers connected to IMUs and RTK GPS sensors for positioning. The Google Glass IMUs are used to track the orientation of the head of each user.

We are currently working on an upgraded version of this system, using drone-based positioning. Our current focus is on solving the reachability problem in real time, to determine the risk of collisions between users, and appropriately warn them, while minimizing the risk of false positives. Once the reachable set of all users can be determined, appropriate warnings can be given in function of the likelihood (and consequences) of a collision, resulting in a minimally intrusive warning system.


MASS is broadly focusing on Transportation Engineering and Environmental Monitoring.


Mobile Automation and
Sensing Systems

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