Kapil Sharma

I am a graduate student in Electrical & Computer engineering. My research focuses on developing AR based traffic safety system. These systems will work on fusing real-time video and IMU sensing on-board smart glasses like Google Glass, ODG-R7 etc. to come up with a collision prediction and prevention system. I am a coding geek and helps the group in various aspects of embedded systems, from bringing up the hardware to write software for it. My other project is developing GPS-less (IMU based) tracking systems which our group works on with Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot). My other interests include Artificial Intelligence, developing cool things with chip size computers like Raspberry PI.

Arthur Erickson

Originally from Houston, Arthur is a senior undergraduate studying aerospace engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. He has a particular interest in control systems and automation. He has been tinkering with UAVs since he started school at UT, and tries to apply everything he learns towards experimenting with and improving UAVs. He is also cofounder of a drone-based delivery startup.

Ofer Eldad

My research concerns developing a control supervisor for UAVs. By using classical reachability techniques we’re able to predict what state the aircraft will be in and assist in preventing it from getting into unsafe scenarios when it’s controlled either by a human operator or by its autopilot. Our goal is to use this control system to allow us to use the UAV in real-time flood monitoring. In this project machine-learning methods are used to tackle the computational challenges involved in the real-time reachability problem.

Alexander Minbaev

Alexander is a graduate student in Operations Research at the University of Texas, Austin. He currently works on network traffic state estimation, and Inertial-Measurement-Unit based traffic flow monitoring.